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Mysterious monk:Gumnami Baba/Bhagwanji/Dashnamee Sannyasi--Source:Wikipedia

Several people believed that the Hindu sanyasi named Bhagwanji or
'Gumnami Baba', who lived in the house Ram Bhawan in Faizabad, Uttar
Pradesh at least until 1985, was Subhas Chandra Bose . There had been
at least four known occasions when Gumnami Baba reportedly claimed he
was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.[7] The belongings of the sanyasi were
taken into custody after his death, following a court order. These
were later subjected to inspection by the Justice Mukherjee Commission
of Inquiry. The commission came down against this belief, in the
absence of any "clinching evidence".[8] The independent probe done by
the Hindustan Times into the case however provided hints that the monk
was Bose himself.[9] Some people believe that Gumnami Baba died on 16
September 1985, while some dispute this. The story of Gumnami Baba
came to light on his death. It is alleged that he was cremated in the
dead of night, just under the light of a motorcycle's headlamp, at
Faizabad's popular picnic spot, on the bank of River Saraju, his face
distorted by acid to protect his identity. Faizabad's Bengali
community still pays homage at the memorial built at his cremation
site on the anniversary of his birth. However, the life and activities
of Bhagwanji remain a mystery even today.

Justice Mukherjee's inadvertent approval of Bhagwanji's identity
Justice Manoj Kumar Mukherjee who probed into the disappearance of
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose stated in his report that the question of
whether the sanyasi of Faizabad (Bhagwanji) was (or not) Bose "need
not be answered" as there was no clinching evidence to prove it.
However, he inadvertently stated in a documentary shoot that he
believed Bhagwanji was none other than Bose.[10] This revelation
supports the view that Bose had not died in the plane crash in 1945,
and was in fact in India after that.[11]

About Bhagwanji
Bhagwanji, also known as Gumnami Baba, was a mysterious Indian monk
who in 1985 lived at Ram Bhawan in Faizabad, near Ayodhya in Uttar
Pradesh. Till date, his real identity and activities remain obscure. A
great number of people maintain that he was the Indian freedom fighter
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, living incognito. People who support such
a stand challenge the death of Subhas Chandra Bose in a plane crash in
1945. It is said that Bhagwanji had an uncanny resemblance to Netaji
Bose.[1] Some people believe that Bhagwanji died on 16 September 1985,
while some dispute this.
There had been at least four known occasions when Bhagwanji reportedly
claimed he was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose himself.[2] Handwriting
analysis expert and former Additional Director of the National
Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Dr B. Lal deposed
before the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry that probed into
the disappearance of Netaji, that the handwritings of Bhagwanji and
Bose did match.[3][4] However, the commission did not accept the claim
that Bhagwanji was Bose, for want of any clinching evidence. At the
same time, the commission also rejected the official view of the
Indian government that Bose died in 1945. In light of the commission's
rulings, the obscurity left behind by Bhagwanji makes enough reason
for a debate even today.


  1. :(( very very sad for our Country :((

    dat our national hero had to bear dis torment and no one recognised him :((

    i pray for his GREAT SOUL to REST IN PEACE :)


  2. i am sorry to saying that he has been killed of the conspiracy made by gandhiji, jawarhal nehru and thier teammates as netaji subhas chandra bose was decided to take the place of first indian prime minister seat as whole world loves him for his honesty and bravery. And i will respect till my death since he was the greatest freedom fighter of india.

  3. Nehru Gandhi & Jinnah were the masterminds of this conspiracy while Maulana Azad was fully aware of the happenings.
    Although the above notorius politicians got what they wanted and Netaji himself never came out in light and hid as Gumnami Baba, why then in 1985, they had to get him cremated secretly in the dead of night, just under the light of a motorcycle's headlamp, at Faizabad's popular picnic spot, on the bank of River Saraju, his face distorted by acid to protect his identity.
    Who did this ? AND by whose ORDERS ? WHY DISTORTING THE FACE ? Is this the India S.C.Bose fought for ?


  5. Y didnt u come back if u did not board that plane why did u hide ur identity just becoz "nehru said that he would kill u with talwar "


  7. nataji you live in the heart of Indians........we know your sacrifice towards our nation......we are following your path........VANDE MATARAM

  8. we indian do not deserve Netaji

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  10. Declassification of files may prove that JAPAN AND BRITISH JOINTLY PLAYED A FOUL GAME WITH NETAJI; In WW-I, Japan was an ally of British. Before WW-II, Japan-US trade war and
    political war started, this led to actual war between US and Japan. So British became an enemy to Japan by diplomatic manipulation as US - British alliance was there. After WW-II, Japan revived their old connection with British. Japanese and British spies were enough linked before WW-II. JAPANESE SPIES AGREED TO ELIMINATE NETAJI. Motive was to appease British and purchase security for Japan royal family. So, JAPAN HANDED OVER NETAJI TO BRITISH AND BRITISH EXECUTED HIM IN SECRETE. The false news of air crash was fabrication of Japan. In any controversial case, liar is to be suspected first.
    Netaji plan to start second independence war with USSR help was known to Japan. There was enough scope for British and Japanese spies to develop a common minimum program against pro-communist agenda of Netaji. Why should Japanese imperialism agree to patronize emergence of independent India as a permanent communist ally? Is it not more logical to fulfill British condition and purchase favor? Why Japan royal family was not tried as a war criminal? What is the mystery behind this favor?
    There is another point about gumnami baba. Who was he? Gumnami baba was a dummy created as a part of common minimum program of Japanese imperialism and British imperialism. In axis camp, creation of dummy by plastic surgery was a common practice. Hitler and Mussolini were having number of dummies. Japan sold Netaji-dummy to British. British deputed this dummy at faizabad of Uttar
    Pradesh, with a purpose to create confusion that as if death or life Netaji is doubtful. The confusion prevented the nation to be doubtful about role of Japan or British. So gumnami baba of faizabad is a common creation of Japanese spies and British spies. Never had he told the truth. If he had told anything, that must be lie. In a controversial case, liar is to be suspected. So, JAPAN SOLD NETAJI TO BRITISH AND BRITISH EXECUTED HIM IN SECRET. Japan sold Netaji-dummy to British and British deputed him at faizabad of Uttar-Pradesh. JAPAN SURRENDERED TO US-UK SIDE ON 15TH AUGUST 1945. Netaji’s last flight was on 18th august 1945. A SURRENDERED JAPAN WAS NO LONGER AN ALLY OF AZAD HIND. They worked as per their new mentors, the British.

  11. Asit, your arguments are far-fetched. The admission of Nehru that Subhash was a war criminal living in Russia to Mr. Atlee was a clear indication that Subhash was alive. Moreover, Mr. Morarjhi bhai ex-prime minister publicly said that Subhash was alive and he had taken the life of a recluse. It was another proof to negate your imaginary logic. How would you contradict when a British communist openly accused De Valera of having a secret meeting with Subhash in 1946? Only the classified files in UK, Japan, Russia and India will say the truth.